Sourdough bread (3)

9 September 2010 § 1 Comment

After my first sourdough bread attempt yesterday, I immediately started a new batch, feeding the little sourdough that was left in my glass with more water and organic stone-ground rye flour milled on a Dutch water-mill (Vajra), so that I can bake another bread this weekend.

The smell of the sourdough is really wonderful now, it still smells of apples but with much more depth. It makes me want to eat it just like that. When I finished the bread yesterday I scraped the remaining spelt flour that was left on my baking surface together and put it with the new batch of sourdough, hoping that this contamination would not harm the dough. It turns out now that it was not critical, so far.

The spelt flour I use is from the Moulin artisanal at the farm Bare in 5190 Balatre, Belgium. This is one of the 80% spelt flours that I use regularly for yeast breads.

I was just browsing the web looking for other experiences with sourdough where I saw a proving basket. I remember seeing some old proving baskets gathering dust at my parent’s place. I guess I need to take one of them next time I visit.

These are the websites I used so far for my sourdough preparation:
The original idea came from my Swedish friend: who pointed me to the blog Paindemartin. Further investigation led me to the German Adler Mühle. Good instructions with photos and lots of information can be found at this US (?) site. More details I found at a Belgian lesson for bread making which got information from the Belgian association of manufacturers and importers of products for bakery, pastry, chocolate and ice cream (unifa) which also has links to pastry and chocolate. The French have a forum for bakers at with lots of detailed information for making large amounts of breads. A German baker offers some advice at Sauerbrot (sourbread). Some German site, Bäcker (bakers), has lots of information about sourdough. The text there was written by Mirko Driller, who has his own site. Finally there is a German amateur forum having information about everything sourdough.


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