Sourdough bread (4)

11 September 2010 § 2 Comments

Second sourdough bread fresh from the oven by fabrivelas on Zooomr
Another bread. This time I used more water. I had again about half a litre of sourdough and mixed in a bit more than half a kilogramme of spelt flour. This time I added about 50 ml of water, too. The dough was much softer and stickier. I therefore used a mold for fear that the bread would run away. I let it rise for about 2 hours (like last time), formed the bread, and let it rest for another 45 min, on top of the oven which I already lit, so that some warmth was aiding the rising before I put it in the oven. It smells again very good with some acidity, but I expect the taste to be less acidic tomorrow again, like last time. Keeping the sourdough going from 3 days ago to now worked well, it is already up and bubbling again with the rest of the flour from the bread making and some rye flour. I am not sure, yet, if I’ll put the dough in the fridge now or if I continue, because in 3 days I’ll have to bake again, anyway 🙂

But the bread has some faults, the crust is broken.
View from above by fabrivelas on Zooomr

and another view.
view from the side by fabrivelas on Zooomr

The bread looked like this before rising.
before rising by fabrivelas on Zooomr

and after rising.
after rising by fabrivelas on Zooomr

when putting in the mold:
45 min before the oven

This is my sourdough in the farinarium starting again:
Sourdough by fabrivelas on Zooomr

Sourdough close-up by fabrivelas on Zooomr


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§ 2 Responses to Sourdough bread (4)

  • Nice. Thanks for the update. What about kneading? What is your strategy there? And also, a broken crust is desirable, no?

    • fabrivelas says:

      I knead for a certain amount of time, maybe 7 maybe 10 minutes. I just go with the feeling.

      I cut the bread before I bake it, so that it gets the broken crust at predefined places and not elsewhere. Also in this example the broken crust is uneven, it broke more at some places and less at others. In this case it is my fault, because I did not do the cuts carefully enough.

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