Sourdough bread in a tea towel

17 September 2010 § 2 Comments

Tea towel bread by fabrivelas on Zooomr

This time I let my bread rise in a tea towel, and it worked out great. The last week my sourdough starter smelled more vinegary than the week before when the smell was more reminiscent of apple. Now that my sourdough is two weeks old I decided to wash out its container for the first time. Today will also be the first time that the sourdough has to go into the fridge, because I don’t want to take it to the Ardennes on a walking tour.

dscf5337 by fabrivelas on Zooomr

23 September 2010: I actually did not put the sourdough in the fridge, but left it with a lot of flower, till Sunday night when I fed it again on returning from the Ardennes. I then made a bread on Monday. This weekend I’ll be in Paris, so I am baking again at the moment and I shall leave the sourdough waiting again for me on Sunday night. My dough has not seen a fridge from the inside, yet, nor have I had to throw any away, because I am baking about twice a week.


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