20 January 2009 § 2 Comments

Brussels is a strange city.

It has curbsides that can kill, especially if you want to cycle across them in an angle not steep enough.

There are public places with tiles that are so slippery that you have trouble walking when they are wet, which is almost every day (Naamse Poort, Brussels).

When you move here you have to register, fair enough, but there is an agent who has to check that you really live at the address which you registered, this sounds like from the middle ages (and does not prevent people to be registered somewhere and live somewhere else!!!)

The commune sends you letters that never arrive, either they don’t send them, or the postal system is awful. There seems to be some indication that it is the latter: parcels sent from abroad got sent back without us being notified about anything.

Or the commune sends you 2 letters (probably in case one does not arrive) inviting you for an interview, with the same content, but different quantities of things to bring (photos, euros), when you go to the meeting they demand yet a third quantity of photos and euros from what they demanded in the two letters that were sent by the same person on the same day.

There are several electricity companies but the Belgian does not care, because it is too difficult or too much effort to check the differences that most people stay with the once state-owned company. When you switch then they charge you 5 times the amount the previous tenant paid, because they do not have a record of your consumption.

There are also several telephone companies and the same thing happens as with the electricity companies, but they use an outdated system and the lines are overloaded.

Belgians are nice people, though. Otherwise nobody would stay probably.


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