Aristide Maillol in Paris and Brussels… and everywhere?

29 September 2010 § 1 Comment

Having spent the weekend in Paris, I revisited the sculptures by Aristide Maillol in the Tuileries gardens. I really like those sculptures, especially the once that show some disequilibrium, in the state of falling. They show expressions of static movement, simply great. This example shows La rivière in Paris.

La rivière, Paris by fabrivelas on Zooomr

On my return I went straight to the sculpture garden of the museum for fine arts in Brussels and took another few pictures:

La rivière, Bruxelles by fabrivelas on Zooomr

Looking around a bit I found also the one in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, one in the Middelheimmuseum in Antwerp, one in Hamburg and also one in the Norton Simon Musem, Pasadena. Are there more Rivers anywhere?

Finally some more pictures from Paris and Brussels:
Front, Paris by fabrivelas on Zooomrdscf6439
et à Bruxelles by fabrivelas on Zooomr

Here are some more links about Maillol:

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